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Hight Quality Products

Hight Quality Products

High quality chemical engineering products as chemical cleaning that is safe for workers and the environment ......

The Best Service

The Best Service

Able to provide the best quality assurance and warranty for every service and product offered...

A Trusted Company

A Trusted Company

PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga is a trusted company with a good reputation, with an extensive network...

Chemical Cleaning For Industry, Marine, Building & Power Pants

Welcome to PT Karya InterchemMitraniaga

Pembersih Minyak Degreaser

Arvichem.com is a representative of PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga presents solutions in the field of procurement of chemicals for machine maintenance purposes. For cleaning industries, cleaning building, cleaning marine, cleaning power plant and others.

Chemical products offered by PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga is a high quality product, which includes cleaning chemicals, treatment chemicals, water treatment chemicals, solvent chemicals and general chemicals. With a superior product, namely degreaser oil cleaner that has been proven to be able to function optimally, in addition to degreaser oil cleaning chemicals it is also safety for workers and the surrounding environment. In accordance with the slogan of PT. Interchem Mitraniaga’s work “3S (3 Safe)”, in which Arvichem products are chemicals that are safe for metals, safe for workers and safe for the environment.

Apart from producing chemicals, PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga also provides services in the field of care and maintenance services, especially for cleaning machines using superior degreaser oil cleaning products. These services are cleaning industris, cleaning building, cleaning marine, cleaning power plant and others.

PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga with more than 10 years of experience in the procurement of industrial, marine and building chemicals, power plants is able to provide the best service. So that PT.Karya Interchem Mitraniaga dares to guarantee the best quality and guarantee for every service or product offered.

PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga thanks, for the trust of customers who have used our products and services which include individual customers, private companies, government agencies, and foreign companies located in the territory of Indonesia in serving the needs of chemical procurement and cleaning industris, cleaning building, cleaning marine, cleaning power plant on a small projects, medium and large scale. Making PT.Karya Interchem Mitraniaga able to grow until now and always improve the quality of products and services to be even better.

Pembersih DegreaserPT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga

PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga really understands the needs of customers, especially the needs in the cleaning industry, cleaning building, cleaning marine and cleaning tower plants. Of course, all customers want maximum results so that each production process can run normally and on time.

Arvichem is an environmentally friendly chemical cleaning where Arvichem products are chemicals that are safe for metals, and have been proven safe for workers and safe for the environment…

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Product And Services

Here are some products and services from PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga

Kimia Industri

Cleaning Chemicals

Arvichem is an industrial chemical cleaning chemical for metals, and has been proven safe for workers and safe for the environment...

Kimia Industri

Maintenance Chemicals

Providing chemicals for the maintenance of industrial machines and other machines, so that they work optimally and last longer...

Kimia Industri

Water Treatment Chemicals

There are chemicals available for water treatment according to the levels required by the food and beverage industry ...

Kimia Industri

Solvent Chemicals

Provides solvent chemicals such as Normal Hexane, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isobutil Alcohol, Odorless Mineral Spirits and others ...

Kimia Industri

General Chemicals

Provides general chemicals Aluminum Sulphate, Calcium hypochlorite (chlorine), Citric Acid, Coustic Soda, Ferric Chloride etc..

Cleaning Industries

Cleaning Industries

Cleaning Industries services with the aim that production support machines can run optimally and are durable ......

Cleaning buildings

Cleaning buildings

Cleaning buildings services handle engineering machines such as boilers, cillers in an office building, hotels and others...

Jasa Perawatan Kapal

Cleaning Marine

Ship cleaning and ship maintenance services such as air cooler generators, condensers, cleaning and others...

Perawatan Pembangkit Litrik

Cleaning Power Plant

Power plant cleaning service takes care of the maintenance of the power plant engine and its supporting machines......

Why PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga ?

Here are some reasons why using PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga is in the field of procurement of industrial chemicals, special chemicals, marine cleaning, cleaning industries, cleaning buildings and cleaning power plants.

  • Able to provide the best solution for customer needs
  • Using chemical Arvichem which is safe for the environment.
  • Serving small, medium and large projects / jobs
  • Having Chemical Engineering Products that are environmentally friendly.
  • Has experts and trained and experienced field personnel
  • Able to complete work according to a predetermined schedule
  • Can provide a warranty guaranteeCompetitive price and quality

PT. Karya Interchem Mitraniaga serves requests for the procurement of industrial chemicals, special chemicals, industrial machine maintenance services, building maintenance, marine maintenance and maintenance of power plants in the Tangerang, Jakarata, Bogor, Bekasi, Depok, Bandung, Cikarang, Karawang, Semarang, Surabaya areas. , Medan, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Pontianak, Samarinda, Makassar, Manado and all over Indonesia.

Pembersih Minyak Degreaser

How To Order

We make it easy for customers or potential customers. If you want to use high-quality chemical cleaning products or demand industrial cleaning, building cleaning, marine cleaning and cleaning tower plants and others. Please do it the easiest way you think

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