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AV 212 Corrosion Inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor

AV 212 is a liquid that is used to prevent rusting in the closed circulating cooling system, both for diesel and chiller engines. TECHNICAL DATA Shape and color ….. clear liquid Specific gravity …. 1.02 pH ….> 10 Burn point …. absent BENEFITS Prevents corrosion and rust on iron, copper and brass. Contains non-ionic surfactants […]

AV 213 Radiator Coolant

Radiator Coolant

AV 213 Radiator Coolant is a wholly organic radiator treatment for the prevention of ferrous metal corrosion or scale in closed re circulating water system.  It is suitable for use in car radiators, generous cooling system, chiller circulating water or other close water cooling system. Technical Data : Appearance                : Green / Blue Liquid Specific […]

AV 305 Penetrating Oil

Penetrating Oil

AV 305 Penetrating Oil is a liquid oil Yang Yang has a penetration Southwestern Very Good Opening screws, lubricate Goods – Items Yang has rusted While helping remove rust Yang stick material TSB pada. Also can be used as an anti -rust to review Relatively Short Time ± 1-3 months.

AVS 52 Anti Foam

Anti Foam

AVS 52 Anti Foam is a chemical liquid to remove foam which may be in the form of a cooling water system or with industrial production processes. Accurate description to the best of our knowledge. Suggestions are made without a guarantee or guarantee of results. Prior to use, the user must determine the suitability of […]

AVS 53 Silicone Emulsion

Silicone Emulsion

AVS 53 Silicone Emulsion A non -ionic emulsion Operative Size Widely used industrial tatex hearts , rubber , plastic mold release , automotive , furniture polish , leather , and vinyl cleaner..

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