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Cooling Water Treatment

AV 217 CWT AK Prevents scale and corrosion by depositing hardnes salts into sludge particles which can be removed so that they do not become crust. SPECIFICATION Shape and color …… Clear brownish liquid. Density at 25 º C …. 1.10 g / ml. Volume per kilogram …. 910 ml. pH 100 ppm in distilled […]


Cooling Water Treatment (Biocide)

AV 216 CWT 4022 ALBIOCIDE Chemical liquid which is designed as cooling treatment of Cooling Tower to prevent algae growth and micro organism growth. To control the growth of sulfate reducing bacteria in water flow processing systems in oil refineries such as brine systems, incoming flow systems, water storage systems, drain well systems and others, […]

AV 214 Boiler Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment

AV 214 Boiler Water Treatment, Chemical liquid that is used as a corrosion prevention agent and water scale at the time of operation of the boiler and at the same time provides a film layer on the boiler material from the corrosive nature of the boiler operation. SPECIFICATION Rupa ……………. Clear colored liquid. Density at […]

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