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Stainless Cleaner Passivation

AV 218 Stainless Cleaner Passivation AV 218 Stainless Cleaner Passivation

AV 218 Stainless Cleaner Passivation. AV 218 is a liquid that is used to clean stainless surfaces from dirt, rust, etc. as well as being a passivator. Stainless cleaner is formulated based on citric acid, nitric acid, and phosphoric acid.


Bath fluids are recommended for soaking the pickling of small objects and for pickling surfaces that take time to brush or spray pickles. It can also be used for circulating pickling piping systems.


AV 218 is a concentrate which must be diluted with water depending on the steel grade steel. standard grades such as 304 and 314 stainless steel: Mix 1 part AV 218 to 2-3 parts water. high alloy grades, such as Duplex grades for use in severe corrosive conditions: mix 1 part of AV 218 to 1-2 parts of water.


Appearance: colorless Liquid Flash Point: Not Inflammable Specific Gravity: Approx. 1.2 Solubility: Water Soluble pH: 0 at 20 ºC


Protective clothes. In general users should wear acid-resistant overalls, gloves and rubber boots. A face visor should be used and, if necessary, suitable respiratory protective equipment. special conditions may apply from one country to another. Consult our website where updated material safety data can be found.


AV 218 should be stored indoors at room temperature. Containers should be kept properly closed, in an upright position and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. This product is durable and does not have to be kept in storage for longer than necessary. They have a maximum shelf life of two years when stored at room temperature. Exposure to high temperatures can reduce shelf life.


  • 25 Liter Pail
  • 200 Liter Drum

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