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AV209 Multy Purpose Cleaner (MPC)

Multy Purpose Cleaner

AV 209 Fluid used as a multipurpose cleaner to remove dust, oil on all utensils, floors and others. Usage can be mixed with water. Uses To clean metal floors and other surfaces soiled by vegetable oils, animal oils and mineral oil residues. It is very suitable for use on metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber, concrete, asphalt […]

AV 207 Liquid Rig Wash

AV 207 Liquid Rig Wash

AV 207 Liquid Rig Wash is an alkaline liquid as a cleaner for heavy oil dirt, grease, oil on all surfaces of ship decks, platforms etc.

AV 420 Electric Motor Cleaner ( EMC )

Electric Motor Cleaner

AV 420 Electric Motor Cleaner Fluid used to clean grease, oil, wax, glue on electrical equipment, spare parts, dynamo motors, starters, generators, etc. This fluid is nonflammable and non corrosive. USAGE: Widely used in electrical components such as armature armature, electric windings, gear knobs, alternators, oil filters and machines where the use of water is […]

AV 408 Carbon Remover

Carbon Remover Solvent

AV 408 Carbon Remover is a cleaner for spare parts, metal equipment from grease, oil and other impurities by immersion. In cleaning the carbon scale, which is a problem, especially in workshops, when the machine is down or factories are in engine maintenance. AV 408 Carbon Remover can soften and remove carbon on metal surfaces […]

AVS 23 Alkaline Boil Out/Degreaser

Alkaline Boil Out/Degreaser

Alkali fluids are used to clean impurities that come from silica or sulfate oil in boilers. PROPERTIES Form ………………………………… .. Liquid pH (1% Solution) …………………… .. 11.0 Other properties ………………………………… Does not burn, does not evaporate HOW TO USE ON THE BOILER Used in cleansers to remove dirt caused by grease, silica or sulfate. Fill […]

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