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AV 205 Super Degreaser

Super Degreaser

AV 205 Cleaning fluid which is very strong for cleaning various types of dirt, dust, grease oil with very economical workability both kitchen utensils, office equipment, floors, heavy equipment. Usage can be mixed with water Uses To clean metal surfaces and other surfaces soiled by vegetable oil, animal oil and mineral oil residues. It is […]

AV 102 P Scale Remover Powder

Scale Remover Powder

AV 102 P A special formula in powder form to be used as a descaling cleaner, either from Ca + or Mg + or sea water crust, for use in boilers, cooling towers, rusty pipes, coolers, etc. Can be mixed with water and does not contain hydrochloric acid. Safe to use against all types of […]

AV 105 Rust Remover

Rust Remover

Rust Remover is a rust remover liquid detergent containing phosphate acid and non-ionic surfactants. USE Eliminates tarnish (gloom) on brass, copper stainless steel, aluminum and chrome. Eliminating thin rust on iron and steel also makes the surface becomes shiny. Removes rust stains on the surface of the paint, email, porcelain, terrazzo, ceramic, glass, and others. […]

AV 104 Radiator Cleaner

Radiator Cleaner

AV 104 is a radiator flush which cleans up scale , rust or other deposits on radiators. It is an aquous based formulation containing corrosion inhibitors and surfactant agents. Technical Data : Apperance : Clear red liquid Spesific Gravity : 1.22 PH : 4.2 Flash Point : Non-flammable Solubility in Water : Completely soluble Benefits […]

AV413 Paint Remover

Paint Remover

A special material that is used to remove hard paint with a soaking system and a jelly, when using it, try to wear gloves. Areas and Applications Spare parts and industrial equipment and machinery. For the automotive industry. Shipping, drilling. Heavy equipment, workshop, etc. How to use AV 413 is used without mixture / concentration. […]

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